by kat

As many of you may or may not know, I took a little trip to Brisbane this past week. It was amazing. Sunny weather (unlike Melbourne) and great company. I got to stay with my good friend Belinda, who lives up there but is moving here at the end of the year. Unfortunately, she is moving up literally the day I fly out.

I was only there for 6 days but man was it jam-packed! I’ll break it down into days with photos for you:

I flew out on Thursday and arrived that afternoon. We drove home from the airport and got sushi train, which is basically a sushi fast good joint there. It comes on conveyer belts! I love it. Sushi is one of my new favorite things that I will take back with me to the states. Probably because I don’t get it with fish, just veggies. Anyway, I got spring rolls, sun-dried/cream cheese/avo roll (literally the best ever), and inari. When we arrived, however, I flipped my lid because I saw A SOUTH AFRICAN GROCERY! So I forced her to go and got some of my favorite long-lost goodies: Romany creams, chockits, (both of which are biscuits/cookies), pineapple fanta, and braii seasoning. From there we went to her parents house and grabbed her things because we were house sitting for someone. It was awesome and felt like we owned a beautiful little flat all to ourselves. Because I was feeling kind of wiped, we reckoned to take it easy. So we went to one of Belinda’s favorite spots in Harbortown, grabbed some great Italian and headed to see The Equalizer with Denzel. (Also something has changed in me and now action may be my favorite movie genre, well besides thriller, of course!)
I don’t have any pictures from this day because I wasn’t thinking. Whoops. Oh. But I do have my South African goodies photo lol… I was excited..




Friday started off with a bang as we drove to Mt. Tamborine. It was gorgeous. I’ve decided I don’t need to be just a “mountains” or “beach” person because I can be both. I will love on a mountain with tropical rain forests and just drive to the beach. Anyway the hike was a good one and we has a little picnic outside a church we found. Later that night, she took me to Surfer’s Paradise where we are at Hard Rock Cafe and Max Brenner’s. I could barely stand up after eating so much.






Saturday, we went shopping in Harbortown at an outlet mall. I was on a mission to find running shoes for my health kick I’m on. After much searching, I fell in love with a pair of bright orange new balances, with a vibram sole. They’re barefoot style so they feel great! I don’t think I’ve ever spent this much on shoes or had a pair this nice. I feel very fancy when I wear them. We were going to eat lunch on the beach, when go figure: it started raining. I actually love that it rained so randomly though. It reminded me of Florida very much. That night we went to RiverFire, a huge fireworks festival over the water, in Southbank. Southbank is basically the coolest because it’s a city on an island pretty much. It was super busy and was maybe my favorite night of the trip because of the atmosphere and
beauty. I had missed the 4th of July being in South Africa and so this made me feel very patriotic. Luckily, Belinda was kind enough to play a long.





Belinda had to work on Sunday until 2. It was actually nice to have the morning to myself. Did some yoga and basked in the sun. She came home and we quickly booked it to Byron Bay where we spend the day strolling through the surf-town. For dinner we grabbed some Mexican and ate it on the beach. Belinda had never had a quesadilla before!! I couldn’t believe it. But I guess Australia is pretty far away from Mexico. From there, we went to a bar to check out this dj, Touch Sensitive. However, we got the times wrong and he didn’t go on till 8. We met these old folks that thought we were Jehovah’s Witnesses. However, they were also trippin on acid. They were really friendly though, so we played a couple rounds of pool with em. Once we decided things were getting too friendly, we drove to the lighthouse, spent some time and then finally got to see Touch Sensitive. He was great and it was tons of fun.






Monday turned out to be pretty eventful! I really wanted to see the glass house mountains, and so she took me. On the way, we found the cutest fruit stand and stopped. We got tons of fresh fruit and pineapple juice (not as good as the one in South Africa), and I got my favorite: nanna nice cream:) We then got to Mt. Beerburrum. We had no idea what we were getting into. Although it was only a 700 m climb to the top, Mt. Beerburrum, although not the toughest to climb, is one of the steepest. I have never hiked up anything so steep in my life. At one point I think we were both hunched over, walking like Grandpas. Pretty embarrassing. The kids behind us were complaining to their mom. Needless to say they didn’t make it to the top. As we neared the top, I actually ran into (literally I bumped into her) Bindi Irwin, Steve Irwin’s daughter. She was SO nice that I actually thought she was one of Belinda’s old friends. I didn’t realize until Belinda ran up to me and told me who it was! Haha. She’s so outdoorsy. When we got to the top, I peed in the bush though, so I think we are on pretty much the same level. As we waited for the subset, a group of guys, mostly French but also a Canadian, got to the top too. They were super friendly. They’d only been here a few months and were already working on getting their 2nd year visa. Crazy. On the way back home, we stopped by Costco and split a slice of pizza and a churro. It felt good to spend 4.50 on American sized junk food. Made me miss the family a bit. We always go to the Costco food court after a grocery run. When we finally got home, we had ourselves a Mexican dinner. All in all a great day!!



My last full day in Brisbane was awesome. Belinda had to work again so I had some more time to myself. I went on a run and ran 3 km (I was stoked because I thought I had ran 3 miles..not so) and sun basked again, this time receiving a burn. When she came home, we researched places to eat, so we could go out with a bang. Since I liked Southbank so much, we went there again. Actually we revisited sushi train too. We had plans to go to the Valley, but ended up just taking a walk by the river and through the botanical gardens. Then we saw a San Churro and obviously had to stop. Then we saw a pancake parlor and stopped there too. When deciding to catch a train into the valley, we looked at eachother and just knew that it wasn’t happening. I said “You just want to go home and watch a movie?” And she said, “That’s actually exactly what I was going to ask you!” So that’s exactly what we did! We came home, immediately changed out of real pants into sweat pants and watched Mystic Pizza with Julia Roberts. We actually ended up pulling an all nighter, since I had to be at the airport at 5:15. It felt like a slumber party and I loved it.

All in all, Brisbane was beautiful, both in scenery and in company. Next on the list: Sydndey & New Zealand! I’ll try and write again! I had a crazy weekend that I need to tell you about!