by kat

This past weekend was the best and since it’s now Wednesday I suppose I should write about it.
It was probably one of the best weekends I’ve had in Melbourne.

To kick off, Tiffani came over on Friday and we went out to dinner with some of my work mates from the donut shop. They’re the best-so much fun. We grabbed Malaysian after much anticipation (and wait) and it was the best I’ve had.
Tiffani stayed the night and on Saturday we were going to go to the Tulip festival. We got all the way to Ringwood and realized she had forgotten the tickets at home. So we rescheduled for Monday and stopped in Blackburn for some coffee. There’s this place called “Nuts About Coffee” which I like simply because I get a biscuit with my coffee. However, it was warmer so I decided to get an iced coffee. Iced coffee as I know it, is considered cold press. Iced coffee as they know it is, well I’m not really sure but it has ice cream. Imagine our surprise when they brought us coffee with scoops of floating ice cream! (And we didn’t get biscuits either. I guess it’s a hot drink thing). Anyway we decided to head down to the docklands, before we met up with Cholena and her boyfriend Nick for his birthday. We spent the day in the city and found a great little smoothie place. When we finally made it to Cholena and Nick, we all shared in Bimbo’s infamous $4 pizza. It was a blast and the ambience and decor was great. There were beautiful lanterns and even a plane in the inside of this joint. However, pictures were hard to get because it was so dark.

On Monday, Tiffani and I finally made it to the tulip festival, where we enjoyed tons of Dutch things (including Dutch pancakes!) but mostly just every kind of tulip imaginable. It was beautiful.

Tiffani leaves in less than 2 weeks which I think was part of the reason it was so fun. However it was also saddening, knowing she’ll be gone. It also got me thinking about home and my return, which is not where I want my mind to be right now.