by kat


My Australian Ride or Die. (If Beth is reading this: no I do not call everyone my ride or die I only have a few. And yes you are #1 because you jump out of my car when the exhaust pipe falls off)
I first met ROZ (she’s one of the few people that my phone automatically autocorrects her name to all caps because she gets me that excited) at the donut shop. I work with her there and so it truly was donuts that brought us together. Ever since day one, there was an instant bond. I don’t know a lot of other people that get as excited about donuts as I do, but she is one of them…. Aside of our common obsession, she makes me feel accepted and loved. She is good at that. She radiates positivity and life to everyone she comes in contact with. She is a total sweetheart.

This past weekend we decided to hit up some op shops, an organic food store, and grab a bite to eat on Brunswick street. We were on our way to try out this health food place, when she spotted a food truck down a lane way and turned to me and exclaimed, “THE TACO TRUCK. I’m sorry but we are eating there.” Hahaha it was this moment that confirmed her ride or die status.

Anyway, she is so encouraging and I’m happy to have her as a sister in Christ.

Here’s some photos from our adventure.