by kat


Sounds cool. And it is. It’s super beautiful, but I’m backpacking solo and not gonna lie, it’s pretty lonely. It’s definitely giving me a good prep to be back in the states (36ish more days).

Anyway! It’s been a whirlwind. It’s super expensive here, so I’m going broke pretty quickly and things don’t always go to plan…but I’m learning to take each day as it comes and rely solely on Christ. Also that I could care less about experiences and more about the people I’m with…which makes this trip tough. Because if I don’t have people, I have to fill up my time doing things.

DAY 1:
Walked around Wellington and planned out the first part of my trip. Stopped in the museum to see the world of wearable art exhibit and hiked up Mt. Victoria with my 12 kg pack. I then caught the train to Paraparaumu where I planned to see Kapiti Island the next morning. I checked into my hostel, Barnacles, which was super cute but very quiet.




I then walked along the beach and watched the sunset. I was super weepy and i don’t know if I’ve ever felt more small and alone than I did in that moment. (Below are pictures of the beach but I’ll show you the sunset picture from Halloween, because that was better than the one on the first night!)




I woke up from a nightmare that my ferry had been cancelled and there was nothing else to do in Paraparaumu. That nightmare came true. So, I tried to make the best of it. I found a little bakery and had a custard roll. I went to the information center and planned my trip a little more and talked to the ladies. I then went to a bookstore and read a fair bit in the Hobbit (I thought it was appropriate, given my location). Then I went to the movies and saw Fury. Yup. By myself. It was really good but made me really emotional. So I went on a walk. Then on my way home, I saw trick-or-treaters and lost it. I had forgotten it was Halloween. I started crying. I saw a girl my age at the bus stop so I stopped and asked her what people around here did for fun. She said, “Yeah there’s not much to do around here so everyone just does drugs for fun.” ………. So there’s that! But she kept me company for a while. When I got home I decided to check out a Halloween party that I saw a poster for on the boating club. I met Bill, an older man at the door, and asked if it was open to the community. He said it wasn’t, but I think he could maybe tell I had been crying because he invited me in as his guest. It was a pretty good Halloween party for people who don’t celebrate Halloween! I still missed dressing up, but I appreciated the kindness of the kiwis. When I got back to my hostel, I decided to do some quiet time, but the power went out! Fortunately, it didn’t go out in the halls. So I set up camp in the hall where I met Richard. He is on his was to Rotorua as well for an insurance conference. We will meet up in Taupo and travel together. Which is really nice!

Today I woke up and got on a bus to Turangi. It’s a small town, but I’m here so I can go to the national park and do “The Crossing” tomorrow. It’s a 7.5 hour hike and passes in between several mountains, one of which is Mt. Doom. I’m very excited! I checked into my backpackers and visited the information center again so that I could book my hostels for Rotorua and also my trip to Hobbiton! Then I went for a walk down by the river which was really lovely. Killer sights and scenery. I just wish I had someone to share it with. I find myself praying a lot.